New free readers’ service helps find amazing ebook deals

eBookSoda is a brand new service helping readers to find great free and bargain ebooks tailored to their reading tastes.

Did you know a new ebook is released nearly every minute? According to Amazon that’s 1293 every day. The choice is overwhelming. But what many people don’t know is hundreds of ebooks are discounted or free for limited periods. But how do you know and how do you choose? Well, thanks to eBookSoda, they’ll tell you via a daily email, so you can take advantage of great ebooks at low prices.

eBookSoda sorts through the all the bargain and free ebooks out there. Based on what you like to read, it handpicks only the good stuff, including bestsellers and new releases. They’re all under $4.99 and many are free. So instead of spending hours endlessly searching the web, eBookSoda will send you suggestions tailored to your personal reading tastes. It’s a completely free service. All you have to do is tell them which types of books you like and they’ll do the rest. Sign up to and start getting great free and bargain ebooks.


News and interviews here : AuthorsAnonNews

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Under the Spotlight

Featured Book Page : Every four weeks, a new book is put Under the Spotlight ,with description,trailer,interview(s), author’s page(s) and anything else of interest (like the odd giveaway ;) ).


Included in the selection:  ‘Of Moths and Butterflies’, by V.R.Christensen, ‘A Shirtful of Frogs’ by Shalini Boland, ‘Deadly Nevergreen’  by Lynn Clayton, ‘The Absent Woman’ by Marlene Lee and many more :  (click on book cover to go to the Spotlight page)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Looking for a home . . . On a bookshelf near you . . .

Promotion           Recommendation            Exchange

Gathered here are some authors with shared interests and shared endeavours : having written entire manuscripts for publication, we are left with the unappealing enterprise of seeking publishers. Uploading onto has proved invaluable to many of us, while at the same time enabling us to view that mountain of creativity which has been given the less than glamorous soubriquet of ‘slushpile’. To combat this phenomenon, the options are to leave one’s manuscript where it is on the site, on view in the hope that agents and publishers will stumble across it (and risk sinking meanwhile into oblivion), or to combine forces with others of like mind and promote ourselves and each other through links and contacts. (Continued on About AuthorsAnon)

13 thoughts on “AuthorsAnon

  1. Just popped over here after seeing the lovely Shalini’s trailer flagged up on authonomy and Nightreading! Good work! This is a great site, and I have to say, the trailer is pretty good too!
    How do I join, get involved etc? Sorry for being dim, but my technical abilities are limited!
    On a brighter note, Black Shadows will be published in the Spring time 2011 and the latest WIP The Casablanca Case is almost there! Would love to showcase a little here.

    • Thanks ! Hope the trailer encouraged you to vote for Hidden on NightPublishing ! ;) Great news about Black Shadows – I remember it on Authonomy, good pace and strong plot, good luck with the launch, will be in touch:)

  2. Have just signed a few petitions against Murdoch having amy more control of the British media. I propose B. Lloyd instead. Lynn

  3. HI and let me say: What a great site!
    I have barely even begun to explore but so far am loving what I am seeing.
    - Kim
    @ Wrestling the Muse

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