Cry of the Peacock

Abbie and Mariana stood before the mirror. The aunt stood behind, appraising the seamstress’ work as she cut the last of the threads and brushed the skirts straight and adjusted the starched and high-collard blouses they now wore beneath tailor-made jackets of stiff, almost immovable material. Coffins in crepe and coal black lace. “It isContinue reading “Cry of the Peacock”

So Ends the Day

Marking Time The clock ticked like a cheap metronome.  Not a respectably resonating tick-tock at all.  Just an incessant tick-tick-tick-tick.  There was not even a cuckoo, no chimes to break the monotony.  For Avery didn’t like them.  He said it was a bally nuisance to have to stop one’s reading four times an hour toContinue reading “So Ends the Day”