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“A story of small things and profound truths”

This summer Cass McMain’s debut novel Sunflower, published by Holland House Books, will be coming to a blog near you …

Starting with the following :

 Books Direct Online under New Releases

(Interview coming soon)

BooksRUsOnline on the 14th

 A.F.Stewart’s Blog on the 15th

 Flora Bateman’s BootHeelCottonPatch Blog on the 17th 

 ImagineerEbooks on the 24th

 ‘If it was a painting it would undoubtedly be in the impressionist style – or some midway point between pointillism and the obsessive twisting strokes of Van Gogh. There is a rhythm and a repetition, an extraordinary care with each word, each sentence, each punctuation mark, but it is true art, for one is never aware of the effort nor of the innate skill.

…  A story of small things and profound truths’

Robert Peett , Editor, Holland House Books

The Tour will be updated as we go along – meanwhile, if you are a blogger about books and want to host Cass on your blog with an author interview, character interview, an excerpt, review or other , feel free to  tweet us @AuthorsAnon), or contact the publisher direct via Twitter @HhouseBooks or

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Poison of a Smile : Published !

Steve Jensen’s Poison of A Smile is now available on Amazon both in paperback and in ebook form.
After a stint on Authonomy, Steve submitted to Night Publishing earlier this year and was taken on as one of their more recent authors.
A Victorian Gothic tale of the supernatural, Poison of A Smile feeds subtly on the reader’s innermost fears and imagination; it has the power to engross, appal, involve, enthral.

A Rossettian group of young artists, not unlike the Pre-Raphaelites in their intent and bohemian lifestyle, ‘discover’ their own stunner of a model called Alatiel : she is their muse and inspiration, but turns into something more than any of them bargained for . .

‘She will take her pleasure in your destruction…and it will be everything you always desired.

The Beautiful One cometh…

Alatiel, Mistress of Death, an illusion made flesh.
She is not a ghost. She is not a vampire. She is you…’

Available in paperback :

in ebook form :

Review on authorsanon :