Watch by Cass McMain …

…. coming to a bookstore near you ….

Well, it might be. The author and supportive spouse will be at Op Cit Books,  500 Montezuma St, Suite 101, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 on 19th October 2015 for book signings of Cass’s latest novel, Watch. This is part of an on-going tour, spread across several places, including Albuquerque and Ruidoso with plans to continue in Taos in November and the Farmer’s Market in Albuquerque, at the Railyards next Spring.

The novel itself, with its enigmatic title, is a little outside your average Gothic read; this is not your typical horror, any more than Sunflower was a typical literary novel: in each case, Cass McMain leads the reader through very private worlds, in such a way they no sooner realise they are on a journey than it is ended. Her prose runs fluently as it does engagingly.  Oh, and it is not about vampires … at least, not the ones you know about …

Watch - DIGITAL web


“Before he knew about the bruises, he knew about the cheating. And before he knew about the cheating, he knew about the blood. He’d seen Edgar with blood on his hands before, after all. But there had been more and more of it – and  Edgar had seemed less and less concerned about hiding it…

Some people inherit the strangest things.
When Corky inherits her Uncle Moony’s diary, she finds he had a strange and frightening  obsession about  his brother… a brother with his own disturbing practices. Moony watched Edgar as though his life depended on it. Edgar watched his brother right back. But Edgar disappeared, and now nobody has seen him for years.
Corky can’t decide which one was crazier. Now that Moony is gone, who will be forced to take up the next watch, and who will be watched? What has she really inherited?”



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Watch is available from all major distribution outlets

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