Stuff and Nonsense : A Collection of Bustles

Ummm . . . does my bustle look big in this ?
. . .or in this ?
It occurs to me that having tweeted and threaded considerably about bustles and lorgnettes, it is high time I displayed some kind of collection of personal favourites in the Bustle Business; possibly with comments attached.
Tissot, for example, has a perfect menagerie of them, starting with L’Ambitieuse or, the Political Lady:

The Captain's Daughter
Too Early
La Demoiselle d'Honneur
The Ball on Shipboard
Bustles for all Occasions :  
 . . then there’s Lord Leighton’s Mrs Guthrie – a trifle melancholic, a possibility for my autumn moods :
Mssrs Alma Tadema and Burne Jones tend to drape their figures in classical or medieval garb – all very well in warm weather but drafty in December; if you’re planning on going to the beach, I would suggest the Marine Bustle :
Bustle from 1870 Punch Or TheLondon Charivarl
Then there’s the Darwinian Bustle, for high social scientific meetings (featured earlier):
Ummm . . . does my bustle look big in this ?
For Museum visits instead, a neat little number to impress those of an academic turn (I should say it is an honorary bustle, its usual title being crinoletta)  :
The Crinoletta Disfigurans
“But Bustles”, I hear you cry, “how are we to compete with these, with our seamstresses away for the season, and our drapiers in hibernation ?”
Nothing simpler : tear down those curtains, remove the tablecloth (advisedly after everyone has finished eating off it) and cut out according to the following patterns (gentlemen of a nervous dispostion look away now) :
From Costume in Detail, by Nancy BradfieldFrom Costume in Detail by Nancy Bradfield

 (Note : Nancy Bradfield’s Costume in Detail is an excellent book and the illustrations are truly brilliant; covering the evolution of dress from 1730 to 193o, the whole is packed with historical detail- so whether you are in costume design, require something for the season, or are researching your next tome of historical fiction, this is one book of inestimable value)

 Have you any favourite bustles to add ? . . .

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