So Ends the Day

Marking Time The clock ticked like a cheap metronome.  Not a respectably resonating tick-tock at all.  Just an incessant tick-tick-tick-tick.  There was not even a cuckoo, no chimes to break the monotony.  For Avery didn’t like them.  He said it was a bally nuisance to have to stop one’s reading four times an hour toContinue reading “So Ends the Day”

The Gondola Cat (excerpt)

1870. Or thereabouts. Four in the afternoon. Or thereabouts. On a hot summer’s day. (Is it imagination or were summers longer then ?)A man with a mane of greying hair, an excellent moustache for keeping out draughts (but a less than impressive beard), and a straw boater, marching briskly along the dusty banks of aContinue reading “The Gondola Cat (excerpt)”

Of Soul Sincere (extract)

“A catalogue of the genteel household furniture, one piano-forte, a capital eight-day clock, plate, silver, ornamental china, a few pictures and drawings and numerous curious articles, the property of the late Geoffrey Bosquith, Esq, deceased; which will be sold by auction by Mess. Cardew  & Penn, on Friday the 10th, and Saturday the 11th ofContinue reading “Of Soul Sincere (extract)”