Agent and Publisher Online Links

A few resources to help find that agent or publisher waiting for your manuscript to land on their desk! Know of any other useful sites you are just dying to share? Drop a line so it can be added!

Agents : is a UK literary agent listing, informative, several having websites or at least emails : a database of publishers and agents. : a lot of useful information and common sense about writing, agents and publishers presented in a clear and straightforward manner. Well worth a read.

His blog on self-publishing contains a lot of information and useful advice :

Publishers : : This is a directory of publishers, sorted by genre, handy and time-saving. : A subsidiary of Harlequin Press, it will be publishing its first books in June 2010, and is open to submissions. Categories include (on top of the romantic section) : science fiction, fantasy, futuristic, mystery, thrillers, horror, and niches for submissions : a publisher of anthologies, they seem to update their submissions page regularly. Theme for the 2021 Anthology is ‘Resolutions’.

Self-publishing: : it seems inclusion in their Premium Catalogue (the Barnes and Noble/Amazon lists) is also free . . . Check out their page on distribution : : based in the UK, the link takes you straight to the FAQ page – basically, there is a Distribution Service via the printer, Lightning Source , at a cost of £54.99. Then there is an annual renewal ‘availability’ fee of £25.00. As some would say, go figure.

Ingram Publishing Services : Ingram is one the top publishing services, used by publishers both indie and non. This page contains resources for designing publisher files for both paper and digital books, using the Lightning Source P.O.D. system. Their resources page has a wide range of tools and calculators for every stage in the process, including weight & spine calculator and  book cover template generator:

Other resources: 

The Independent Publishing Magazine : full of articles and new posts about  writing, agents and publishing both traditional and self. another site full of information, running since 2001, with resources, guides and services

Reviews & articles about various self-publishing sites (helpful to read before deciding anything!) :

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