The Beaumont Bequest, by Lynne Jones

Looking for a seasonal ghost tale, something to curl up with by a roaring fire ? Something for the long winter eveings ? The Beaumont Bequest might be just what you’ve been looking for, either for yourself or for a friend with similar tastes. . . .

What’s being said on Amazon :

“A very original and enjoyable story. There are two sympathetic characters, Rex, a writer and the owner of Heartsease, a haunted house and Barbara, whose humdrum life changes on the death of her friend Rex when she finds she has inherited his stories . . . a marvellous imaginative story, a very good read. Be prepared to be spooked”

“Not the usual Gothic haunted house tale, but a modern day ghost story . . .”

“Now the nights are drawing in, I’d recommended lighting a fire, making a hot drink and curling up on the sofa with this wonderfully spooky tale”


bbquest new title stronger2 copy

From the description on Amazon  :

“When a crooked lawyer burns a dead author’s books, their words come back to haunt him.

When Patrick Peto destroys the last will and testament of his uncle Rex Beaumont, he has no qualms about ignoring an insignificant codicil leaving “all my books to Barbara”. But when he illegally obtains possession of the Heartsease estate and consigns the author’s stories to the flames, he awakens vengeful forces that are determined to set matters aright and make sure that Barbara Dane receives what is rightfully hers.

As Patrick imposes his own vision on Rex’s old house, the author’s imaginary worlds invade Patrick’s reality until he can no longer distinguish fact from fiction. He becomes a prisoner at Heartsease where Rex’s fictional creations put him on trial for murder. He is sentenced to death, but after a plea for mercy from one of the characters, his sentence is reduced to 90 days and 90 nights, during which he must recreate every story he has destroyed.”

Haunted houses, wills, codicils, vengeful spirits : classic ingredients brought together for a modern re-telling; but how does a writer go about such a task ? And where does one begin ?

“What most influenced you when developing the novel?”

   I was pushed into action when I found out that yet another version of A Christmas Carol was being made for TV (the one with Patrick Stewart in that I think is the best yet). I started ranting about it being time somebody wrote a new story and a friend said: ‘If you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you write one?’ It set me thinking about why these old classic tales have had such a long-lasting appeal. I thought then that if I ever start writing novels, I want to create timeless stories like these with memorable characters. Other influences include The Picture of Dorian Gray and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. . .

Interview with the author continues here

Available on Amazon Kindle

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