Catnip by Valerie Tate

Published by That Right Publishing

Book Blurb

What can go wrong when an elderly matriarch leaves the family fortune to her cat? Just about everything, including ‘catnapping’ and murder! CATNIP is a mystery set in the picturesque town of Dunbarton, Ontario, and tells the story of what befalls the dysfunctional Dunbar family, and the chaos that ensues, when the matriarch of the clan leaves the family fortune to her cat. That formidable feline proves to be more than a match for the humans in his life, until one fateful night when, caught unawares, he is stuffed in a sack and carried away. A nosy neighbor with a nasty, suspicious mind points the finger of suspicion at the Dunbars and Christopher Mallory, the young attorney who is the trustee of the estate, and under the terms of the will, they face losing everything. When a murder occurs, Christopher finds himself confronting a ruthless killer who would do anything to conceal his or her identity, including to kill again.


 Finally, what you’ll all have gathered to hear,

                                  I give, devise, bequeath and appoint  my entire estate,

                                  including all financial assets, properties and personal possessions,

                                  to my only true friend and companion, my cat, Marmalade.                            

                                  Furthermore, since I know my family only too well,

                                  should anything happen to Marmalade that even suggests foul

                                  play on the part of or at the instigation of my family, the estate

                                 then goes to the Animal Protection Society to be used to take care of             

                                 creatures who are unable to care for themselves. 

                                 However, whenever he does pass away from natural causes,

                                 the estate will revert to the only member of my family

                                 who I have any use for, my grand-daughter, Alicia.

                                Until that time I appoint Christopher Mallory of the firm Henderson,   

                               Jukes, Conroy, and Mallory as executor of my estate and trustee for  

                               Marmalade. He will administer all finances.  My son and his wife

                               are free to continue living in the house provided that they care for  

                              Marmalade.  Mallory will pay all household bills and provide

                              James, Alice and Alicia with a monthly allowance to be worked out

                              with Mr. Mallory, the sum to be subject to cost-of-living increases.

                                 If at any time it is determined that any of them has mistreated                         

                                Marmalade in any way, the allowance will cease and they

                                will be asked to leave the house. Should this happen, a companion

                                for Marmalade will be employed.

                                One last word, family.  Be warned! I have filled Mr. Mallory in on the

                                 exact details of our household and family relations. 

                                He knows it all. So perhaps I’ve had the last laugh after all!


                                                            Amanda Dunbar

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About the Author :

A recently retired teacher living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Valerie Tate has a degree in English Literature from Victoria College at the University of Toronto, which included an advanced writing course with the Author in Residence, and a teaching degree. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine published her  short story, DEADLY QUINTET a number of years ago. The Dunbarton Mysteries is a series that begins with CATNIP published by That Right Publishing in 2012 and will continue with HORSE SENSE. Horses have played an important role in her life, in particular the sport of dressage which will feature prominently. She shares her ilfe in Ontario, Canada with her family and her Jack Russell Terrier, Hamish.

Website :

Publisher: That Right Publishing 

Interview with the Author on Newsletter:

How did Catnip begin life? Someone left their money to a cat. Haven’t you ever wondered why someone would do that? It has been happening for centuries. The Pope quote shows that. I came up with a story, fell in love with the characters and the setting and a series was born. What is the setting of Catnip? Catnip is set in the fictitious town of Dunbarton, Ontario. I based Dunbarton on Kincardine, Ontario, a lovely town on the shores of Lake Huron. It is a town where I spent many lovely summer holidays. Scottish immigrants settled the area and … (Full interview on AuthorsAnonNews )

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