A Shirtful of Frogs by Shalini Boland

Book Description

The life of a WWII evacuee collides with the world of a boy from the present day, in this timeslip adventure. As WWII breaks out, six-year-old Jimmy Sweeney is evacuated from London to the country. He is now an outcast, bullied by the local kids and mistreated by the awful Mrs Cribbins. One night a stranger appears in his room. A tall clean boy who brings him wonderful food and other amazing things. They become friends which is good because pretty soon Jimmy is going to need a friend. His life may depend upon it . . .

What is Being Said : 

Praise for A Shirtful of Frogs: ‘While this novel is classified for children, I think it has a lot of cross-over appeal … it reminds me of how The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe started.’ – Tawn Anderson, Author of Providence ‘This is the type of book that you’ll find yourself going back to, reading over and over, far into the night. Really, I can’t say enough good things!’ – C.S. Einfeld, Author of Neverdark “A captivating tale that leaves one breathless for more after each chapter. This book would please adults and children alike. The rollercoaster catalogue of events pulls one in to defend and support our young hero. Heartbreaking and uplifting in turns. A must read for all.” “Shalini pens a captivating story that will keep you intrigued till the end” “After a charming beginning, this book surprised me by turning into a real page-turner…A wonderful study in empathy…”

Excerpt on the Author’s Blog

Interview with the author, Shalini Boland

How did A Shirtful of Frogs start life ? I was chatting to my father-in-law about his evacuation during World War II and thought it would be a good thing to record his story for the family. He was only five at the time and had a pretty terrible experience. The story grew quickly from a just few jottings. Where did the frogs come from ? Haha! Do you mean the actual frogs in the story or the Frogs title? The actual frogs came from a pond in Nan Clark’s Lane, Mill Hill, London. It’s haunted by an unhappy pub landlady. It’s a brilliant title – was this the first title you thought of for the book, or were there others before it ?   Thank you. It was the first and only title. As soon as I thought of it, I knew that was the one… (Interview in full on AuthorsAnon Newsletter) Where to buy : 

Amazon UK Kindle                                                               Amazon US Kindle

Amazon UK Paperback                                                        Amazon US Paperback


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