Delivery Guest Post 5

Delivery by Emanuela Barasch Rubinstein was published on July 8th by Holland House Books and has been enthusiastically reviewed, shared and on tour across the blogosphere. We continue this series of guest posts with excerpts previously shared on social media with their accompanying images.

“Barasch Rubinstein is an extraordinary writer…” 

Review in Chi Tarbu

Excerpts relating to Daphne’s husband Amir, on discovering Daphne is pregnant:

“For a moment I thought I would take her in my arms and carry her to the bed, but immediately I saw how ridiculous it would be, she would open her eyes and ask me to put her down, moving again the invisible part of her that pushes me away.”

 “something ends when you become a father. In spite of the happiness, there is also a loss; dreams about certain adventures simply crumble and fall apart. It’s very likely they would never have been fulfilled, but it makes no difference. The closer it gets to the birth, the delivery, the more real and vital the very long trip becomes—the one I’ll never take. I add more and more details: places, foreign languages, women. I can even feel the homesickness that is part of it.”

Before going to the hospital:

“The falling rain comforted me on the drive home. It seemed as though the water spattering over the car was washing away my sins. An invisible hand, ancient and obscure, was preparing me for the birth of my son. Daphne sat on the porch, exactly as I had left her, “I’m having contractions, but I think it’s still too soon to go to the hospital,” she said.”

Delivery, published by Holland House Books earlier this month, is available to order direct from Holland House books, WaterstonesHiveWordery, & Amazon.

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