Delivery Guest Post 4


“The book focuses on daily issues and touches the deepest places… I loved the novel and kept thinking about it long after reading it.” 

Lee Yanini, reviewer in the The Israeli Librarian Journal

Delivery by Emanuela Barasch Rubinstein was published on July 8th by Holland House Books and has been enthusiastically reviewed, shared and on tour across the blogosphere.

As Delivery’s recent blog tour draws to a close, we re-visit excerpts previously shared on social media with their accompanying images.

Todays’s excerpts relate to Daphne on first discovering she is pregnant:

“I close my eyes again, attentive only to my body. Where is the embryo now? A terrible fear, which I always knew existed but whose acuteness I only now understand, erupts, and there is no way to stop it. The understanding that a living creature will grow and develop within my body and then break its way out is petrifying.”

“I sat in the restaurant for two hours. I had a huge crumble cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and two more glasses of wine. My sight was blurred, I almost forgot that I was pregnant… A devastating fear began to materialize, sometimes slipping and disappearing, sometimes as sharp as a broken bottle’s neck. A terrible pain, unimaginable. My stomach hatches and a huge chick is coming out, dirty and featherless. I am placed on the maternity bed, bleeding and shocked, recalling the picture at the entrance to the baby shop: a beautiful woman with a broad smile holding a newborn baby whose eyes are closed.”

“the pregnancy calls for an inner attention, concentrating on a process that will take place no matter what. For a moment I think it is a preparation, training the mother to detach from everything else and make room only for the child.”

Delivery, published by Holland House Books earlier this month, is available to order direct from Holland House books, WaterstonesHiveWordery, & Amazon.

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