Guest Post: The Interview Chain 4

“I think creativity is about giving yourself permission to be raw and to make mistakes. I imagine it like putting your hand on a door—you don’t know yet what’s on the other side and that can be scary because the minute you open the door there might be a dozen…or a hundred…or thousands of people looking at you. But I’ve learned to trust that whatever shows up will be OK. The creativity is there. You just have to let go and allow it to come out without worrying about being judged by anyone else.”

After a career as a successful musician, Spencer had a car accident that forced him to change direction. Now he works as a sculptor creating fantastical sculptures using mechanical objects from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and he also helps people to find their own creativity. Interviewee Number 19 in The Interview Chain.

Published by Holland House Books, 30th June 2021

Spencer argues that everyone is creative. But what kind of creative are you—adaptive or innovative; divergent or convergent?

Lynn Farley-Rose

The Interview Chain: published 30th June

Available to order from Holland House Books:

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