Guest Post: The Interview Chain 2

“The thing about acting and other arts jobs is that talent isn’t tangible—it’s so objective. For every hundred people that think you’re great, there’ll be five who think you’re not very good. And you can win awards and there’ll still be people that say, ‘Actually I don’t think you’re very good.’ So it’s hard to get to a point where you can feel, ‘I’m really good at this.’ If you want to be a lawyer then you pass the Bar exams and you can say, ‘I’m a lawyer.’ That’s it—you’re a lawyer. But being an actor is different. There’s nothing that makes you feel that you’re in the right place. Even when you’re on really big jobs there’s that feeling that you’re a fraud.”

Susan Wokoma, actor and Interviewee Number 5 in The Interview Chain. Published by Holland House Books, 30th June 2021

Here’s what fellow actor David Tennant has to say about Imposter Syndrome. 

Lynn Farley-Rose

The Interview Chain: published 30th June

Available to order from Holland House Books:

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