Guest Post: The Interview Chain

As the countdown begins for the launch of Lynn Farley-Rose’s latest book, we’ll be sharing some of her quotes and thoughts over the coming week. Today’s post, appropriately, relates how it all began:

“There’s an ever-present tension between the seen and the unseen and the lives of our fellow travellers may in reality prove to be anything but ordinary.”

Sonder: the realisation that each random passerby has a life that’s as vivid and complex as our own.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

It started with a casual conversation on a boat in London and then the Interview Chain was off, gathering stories and making connections. All vivid, all complex, all anything but ordinary…

Lynn Farley-Rose

The Interview Chain: coming the 30th June

Available to pre-order from Holland House Books:

About the author (from Holland House Books):

It was while she was working on her PhD in developmental psychology that Lynn became fascinated by what people do to cope when things get tough.

Her first book, 31 Treats And A Marriage, was a personal account of reconnecting with life after years as a wife and mother,  when everything was overturned by unforeseen calamities.

This led her to wonder about other people’s stories, particularly on the question of where people find strength and inspiration. In writing The Interview Chain she  talked to many remarkable people, each of whom had wise words to share about the human world – about things that help  to make it a kinder and more connected place.

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