Five stars for the Wonderful World of Dissocia from London Theatre One:

London Theatre One: The Questors present the Wonderful World of Dissocia

“A brilliant play brilliantly performed”

Well deserved praise! A great production that was over too soon – it was worth all those broken E strings on Lisa’s guitar, which Stage Manager Cathy Swift had to go to Kew to replenish…frequently…

It is also a good moment to mention the go-kart that featured so prominently in the show – now on sale (Cathy’s offer below is taken from the Dissocia FB page):

“Dear readers, At the end of the run of The Wonderful World of Dissocia we will be selling the go kart that Jane and Lisa ride in, and which we bought second hand. I’ve got to tell you that it doesn’t actually fly… but it is brilliant fun, and there is a fight every night amongst the backstage crew, who all want to ride it around the Studio. Let me know if you would like to make an offer for this amazing machine. Alternatively you can buy a brand new one for a cool £670…..…/…/B006GPXW9Y ”


Happy riding!

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