London : The Vampire Cemetery

Something for a new plot-line perhaps, whether mystery or murder – perfect setting for a Victorian detective/horror novel….


142870_2b197e04Highgate Cemetery Revisited: The Ghoul Who Became a Media Darling…

Have you ever visited Highgate Cemetery near London? Constructed in the 1800s and in bad repair by the 1960s, Highgate Cemetery has quite a reputation—the Vampire Cemetery. The mass-media reported the eerie goings-on in the ’70s; however, nobody has ever been able to discover what truly went on in Highgate Cemetery, though many have tried to explain the alleged strange experiences.

We have no answers—just reports of what some have said have happened.

As two young girls headed home one evening after seeing friends and having a good time, they passed the cemetery. They saw four bodies, apparently emerging from their tombs.

Later, a couple walking past the graveyard saw “something” hovering within the graveyard. As they watched, they happened to see its face—a face they claim terrify them to this day.

Soon, the stories began to spread, and people…

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