Halloween Finale Special Giveaway

The weekend may be over but the spooking ain’t … publishers and authors have linked up to offer a Halloween bag of giveaway goodies:


by Cass McMain

Summers’ End

by V.R.Christensen

Ungentle Sleep

by B.Lloyd


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway lasts until 9th November with 5 prizes each consisting of the 3 e-books together; with 10 runners-up receiving two of the titles, & 15 runners-up  to receive one title.

WATCH (by Cass McMain):

“Before he knew about the bruises, he knew about the cheating. And before he knew about the cheating, he knew about the blood. He’d seen Edgar with blood on his hands
before, after all. But there had been more and more of it – and Edgar had seemed less and less concerned about hiding it…

Corky inherits her Uncle Moony’s diary and finds he had a strange and frightening obsession about his brother… a brother with his own disturbing practices. Moony
watched Edgar as though his life depended on it. Edgar watched his brother right back. But Edgar disappeared, and now nobody has seen him for years.

Corky can’t decide which one was crazier. Now that Moony is gone, who will be forced to take up the next watch? What has she really inherited?

A scintillating, beautiful novel about difference, suspicion, and acceptance of one’s own nature.”

Amazon: ” If you enjoy reading about vampires and suspenseful books you’ll enjoy this.”

Summers’ End (by V.R. Christensen):

“The snapping of a twig startled her. She looked around to find the source of the noise. There was no one there. The night was perfectly still. Still, but for the faint sound of footsteps in the distance. They were coming nearer. She searched in the darkness, her heart beating wildly, but there was nothing there. The steps grew nearer still, until she thought they were just before her. Something brushed against her, like the sleeve of a heavy woolen jacket. And still there was nothing at all to be seen! She removed her spectacles and, squinting into the darkness, thought for a moment that she saw the faint outline of a man. She put her spectacles back on again and saw nothing at all. Even the footsteps had vanished. She stood there a moment longer, unable still to choose a direction. She did not wish to follow the footsteps, but neither did she wish to start upon the path from which they had come. She must make a decision, however.

She took off the spectacles and looked again into the night, but predictably she saw nothing but blurry and hazy darkness. Upon putting them back on and looking once more in the direction the footsteps had gone, a light appeared.”

Victorian England, a runaway girl and a sinister pair of spectacles … a chilling tale for the fireplace.

Ungentle Sleep (by B.Lloyd):

Set in 1930, a house party has gathered, in part to celebrate the recent engagement of the daughter of the house. But there is. apparently, an uninvited guest .. inadvertently let out, to wreak mild havoc and insanity on the Maydews and their guests. That nasty incident involving Eleanor, followed by unpleasantness over Penny’s dress, and what is it Aubrey can hear, on the outer edge of his dreams?

Hysteria, missed cocktails, and something nasty in the attic.

Snrrip, snrrip. Snip, snap.

Even the rats run away.


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