Poison of a Smile : Published !

Steve Jensen’s Poison of A Smile is now available on Amazon both in paperback and in ebook form.
After a stint on Authonomy, Steve submitted to Night Publishing earlier this year and was taken on as one of their more recent authors.
A Victorian Gothic tale of the supernatural, Poison of A Smile feeds subtly on the reader’s innermost fears and imagination; it has the power to engross, appal, involve, enthral.

A Rossettian group of young artists, not unlike the Pre-Raphaelites in their intent and bohemian lifestyle, ‘discover’ their own stunner of a model called Alatiel : she is their muse and inspiration, but turns into something more than any of them bargained for . .

‘She will take her pleasure in your destruction…and it will be everything you always desired.

The Beautiful One cometh…

Alatiel, Mistress of Death, an illusion made flesh.
She is not a ghost. She is not a vampire. She is you…’

Available in paperback :

in ebook form :

Review on authorsanon : https://authorsanon.wordpress.com/posts/#separate-identifier

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